Wednesday, May 27, 2009

APALA Convention

For those of you that are not familiar with the group, it stands for the Asian Pacific American Labor Association. An organization that fights for rights of this race. This upcoming convention in Las Vegas (July 9-12) will be an important one as they will discuss about labor rights, immigration reform and the dream act for all my fellow youth. Its going to be an important convention! I hope some of you can come!. Click on the link below to get more info and the convention brochure as well.

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Eminem saves hip-hop??

sales wrap:

Eminem's "Relapse" sells 604k after one week in stores. Officially making it the #1 album in the country and the biggest debut for an artist for this year. On another note, Method man and Redman's album "Blackout 2" grabbed the #4 spot wit 63k and Busta Rhymes' "Back on My B.S." landed at #6, with 59k sold. I wouldn't know if this was enough to save hip hop, but it definitely enough to cause a stir, as Em always does, great job to all these artists, personally i thought all 3 were solid albums, and is worth a listen to any hip-hop fan. Can't wait to see what shady has under his sleeve for the MTV Movie Awards lol

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

For those of you who are against immigration reform

Great episode of 30 days. I would only hope that it changes some naysayers on immigration reform. Truly touching story, about an illegal family who struggle with everyday life, and a "minutemen" who has to live with that family for 30 days. I must say his eyes were definitely opened during this experience.

Obama: I support the Dream Act

Supporting the Dream Act is big!. This ensures us beneficiaries of the bill, that atleast our President is concerned.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meghan McCain on Colbert

For those of you that do not know Meghan McCain, she is the daughter of Sen. John Mccain. A lot of buzz has been going around, on how she is i guess what they call "rebelling" against the "Republican Party" and how she is a "moderate Republican". Even crticizing "so called GOP legend" Ann Coulter. I do believe in what she says, honestly, I think to get the youth to start believing in this party, you have to think differently. She is not in favor of extreme republicans, and feels that it needs a new leader/ 2012 candidate that fits the mold of attracting the youth, and thinks more moderate. Being a moderate myself, I feel this is the kind of progress this weakened party needs. They lost a lot of voters and a lot of members due to the war and other mishaps in the past 8 years. Something has to be done, something creative, refreshing at least. If Meghan McCain, needs to wake this party up, then Ms. McCain be my guest, kudos to you!

Big release week in hip-hop!

Did someone say hip hop is dead??. Well I am carefully saying that this week it may not be. Although the genre is not what it used to. Hip-Hop enthusiasts have to be happy that four notable albums will be released this week. First and foremost, coming off a 4 1/2 year hiatus, is the ever so likeable Eminem, in between the pill poppin and name dropping/bashing he does on this "Relapse" album, he still takes the time to talk about his mom, and to have a song called "beautiful". I almost was scared for Em, when i thought the song "Crack A Bottle" was the first single, cuz honestly I think that song was very uncharacterstic, and was better left off as a G-unit, mixtape track. Of course seeing that Dre had produced and lays a verse on it, obviously it would be on the album.

Busta Rhymes- Back on my B.S.- You go figure what the b.s. stands for. Well it has also been a while, since Busta has released an album. It's a solid album, but I feel that there is something missing to it. His singles, that he has dropped "conglomerate" "hustlers anthem" "arab money" are all creative, but are not smash singles like "break ya neck", "touch it".

Method Man & Redman- Blackout 2- Seeing that I have yet to listen to the album in its entirety, I will lay off saying anything about it, except its a true eastcoast album, a lot of 90's type beats, Meth and Red definitely do take us back.

DJ Drama- Gangsta Grillz Part 2- Did you think I forgot the south? Of course everyon is giving love to the south these days. Whether they deserve it or not. But, I do say, DJ Drama, is definitely doing his thing. You got a a blockbuster of special guests on this album. Of course he is a DJ so all he does is screams in this album. You definitely should take a listen at it though.

All in all, great week in hip-hop, support the artists, buy their music!

**Notable Singles//Recent D/L's

50-Cent- Ok You're Right- Dre on the beat, honestly I don't know how many singles this guy will release until he releases an official statement saying his album "before i self destruct" will come out. Alot of people will say 50 has been rhyming mediocore, on untouchable Dre production. Although I must say, this one is catchy and it grows on you. I said that on "Get Up" too, Yo Fif, is that gonna be on the album too? It don't matter, I like this joint better!

Linkin Park- New Divide- the boys are back, and once again, this is the lead single, to their album, although do not quote me on that. It is also the offical single to the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" It does kind of sound like "What I've Done" which was the single for the first movie. But what do they say, "If it ain't broke, dont fix it right?", and from past history, LP puts out top notch music, so there is no need really to fix anything.

Fabolous feat. Jeremiah- Its my time- Its funny, that this song leaked like 2 weeks ago, but I never listened to it, why?, I really have no answer for that. Although when I did get around to hear it, I was amazed, Mr. Birthday sex on the hook, did a good job. and Loso's Way (Fab's upcoming album) now has 2 singles, you can have "motivational Fab" or "throw it in the bag, cuz im so effin rich fab" to choose from.

Did you think, I was going to provide you with D/L links?? Ya right!. I opened the door you just gotta go through it!